Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mighty and Mundane

The Dreaded Triumvirate: February, March, and April.
Imagine you're slogging through a snowstorm, icy wind in your face, drifts in your path.  Then suddenly you step off the edge of a cliff into a raging waterfall.  You tumble downward, grasping for anything to slow your fall.  You're drowning in the rapids.  ( That's state testing, if you're lost in the melodramatic metaphor. )
Then, just as you catch your breath and think you might breathe again,  you discover you're trapped in a whirlpool.  ( That's May and endess days of post-planning.)

Hyperbole aside, we're halfway through the worst stretch of the school year--
the point in the year where I--and consequently, this blog--get boring and lame.

I could wax eloquent about standardized testing,
or complain about students,
or bemoan life surrounded by teenagers in the throes of hormonal meltdowns.

I could talk about birthdays and flourless chocolate cakes and dinners with friends.
How about endless winter or meatloaf recipes?
I could write about John's gospel, and Christ's deity, and Living Water, and the untroubled heart.
Mighty and mundane side by side, juxtaposed in my year-older brain.
And it's March.

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  1. I do remember those looonnnnng days of state testing and feeling like June wouldn't ever get here. You're on home stretch, friend!

  2. June is right around the corner! Thanks for sharing with Three Word Wednesday. Happy Friday!