Monday, March 3, 2014

Multitude Monday--It's March Already Edition

For about 3.5 seconds this afternoon, the skies were blue, the sun was shining...
and the temperature was a breezy 37 degrees.
It was 61 degrees when I left home this morning, if that tells you anything, and I had already changed clothes three times trying to get out the door.
(Volatile weather + volatile hormones.)
Winter and spring begin their annual wrestling match.
Do you ever have one of those going on in your heart, or is it just me?
One moment warmth and hope, the next cold and grumpy.
(See hormonal comment above.)
So I am grateful for gift-counting; it makes me concentrate on the good, search dilgently for the joy, hold onto hope.

244. Good conversations with teens.
245. Worship with our small group.
246. Watching a student's aerials performance over the weekend. Stinkin' amazing.
247. Having a student who wanted her teacher to come see her aerials performance. :)
248. Skinny chicken parm. Oh, yeah.
249. Coaching responsibilities for Big Red pausing for a season.
250. Indoor exercise on a blustery day.
251. Being introduced by my very best friend as "my very best friend".
252. Our God is an Anchor.
253...and a Mighty Fortress
254. He's amazing.
255...and He hears our praises.



  1. My schedule has been topsy turvy for weeks on end plus a few other stresses has me agreeing with your sentence, one moment warmth and hope, the next cold and grumpy. Needing a large dose of Jesus about now!

  2. I just want to hug you!!! Totally get it!!