Friday, March 28, 2014

Daybook of a Used-to-be Blogger

Helloooo out there!
Anyone still around?
Since it's Friday afternoon,
and right this moment I have time and inclination (a necessary combination),
I present this week in verbs:
Listening: to birdsong, the humming refrigerator--the sounds of an otherwise empty house
Preparing: to celebrate 20 years with my honey, for state testing in a few weeks, to put together this summer's Bible study
Watching: clouds roll in, laundry pile up
Pondering: a friend's birthday gift, the book of John, how to get groceries into my house without actually venturing to the grocery store
Searching Google for: Reader's Workshop materials for middle school, kelly green ankle pants (which appear to be only part of my fantasy wardrobe), recipes that don't require a grocery run
Losing: my voice, patience during 3rd period today, half of every pair of socks I own
Pinning: classroom ideas for next year, Easter tables, pictures of Scotland
Needing: a nap, some prayers answered, perpective

What's on your verb list?

1 comment:

  1. I've missed you! Please post a picture of you in the kelly green pants. Sounds adorable!