Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Addition

It's a girl!
(Um...we think.  She {he? it?} is quite modest and ...hairy.)

Picture is blurry because subject is always in motion.

Katniss has lived at our house for five days now, and so far she has
-hidden in the tupperware cabinet (frantic text from DD#1: "I'VE LOST KATNISS!!!);
-discovered a hole in the bottom of the china cabinet (it's an old jelly cabinet my dad rebuilt) large enough for her to pop through; we find her perched atop the extra coffee cups;

She helped out with the paperwork....
 -used my pajama-clad thighs as pincushions;
-frantically shadow-boxed the recliner (hilarious);
-attacked my right arm every morning while I do Bible study (evil kitty);
-greeted us loquaciously each afternoon when we come home from school.  

Saving the world from polka-dotted predators
Our previous cat exuded dignity snobbery; Katniss epitomizes viciousness playfulness.  
No toes are safe.  

May no mouse be safe.

Be blessed,


  1. Awww.... I can just feel those needle-like baby claws on my arm...
    S/He is lovely. Give her a scratch behind the ears from me.

  2. Hi ginger! I have been thinking about you and missing you - is that strange?

    I have been a bit out of sorts so haven't blogged much - all is fine - just some life stuff for me and my heart!

    Love that you named your addition Katniss!! I call Sydney sweetniss sometimes and then she call me Momniss - ;)


  3. Oh MY GOSH~!! She is CUTENISS!!! I miss my kitties and this just amplifies that MISS. I love kittens. They are so stinkin funny. Katniss will have to make regular appearances here on the blog...She/he must!!