Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello, Monday--Single-Digit Days Edition

Hello, lovely readers!
Hello, Monday!
Finishing you puts the school countdown in the single digits.  
Even though I wasn't actually in school today, it still counts.
Hello, college visit day!  I'm overwhelmed; she's overwhelmed.  It was a lot to take in, and we're just getting started.  
Hello, soon-to-have-college-student-budget! Cha-ching,  Cha-ching.
Hello, warm weather.  With your late arrival comes full-blown allergy season.  Hello, scratchy throat and sinus headache.  
Hello, salted caramel iced coffee!  Found you at a cutie coffee shop outside of college town.  A definite reason to consider that school.  
Hello, hyperactive cat.   You just circled the living room in ten seconds flat.  My furniture might not survive your kitten-ness. 
Hello, sisters.  Shhh...I won't tell anyone that you are really good friends.
It'll be our secret.  
Be blessed,

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  1. hi friend!!

    hope you had a wonderful mother's day!