Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scripture and a Snapshot: Hope

Let me tell you a bit about perfectionists if you don't happen to be one.
If we can't do something perfectly well, we sometimes just won't do it at all.
Which, truth be told, is why I nearly called February a wash and didn't post until March 1st.
However, when you're a perfectionist who generally avoids procrastination, there's a war zone in your head on a regular basis. :)

All of that to say this, I'm struggling.
Perfectionist + anti-procrastination + lingering sinus headache= major loss of perspective.
Yesterday I asked God for some direction and plain ole' encouragement, and as He is wont to do, I got a bit of both from an unexpected conversation yesterday.  It made me think again about why I love women's ministry and why it's even important at all.   
Early this morning, outside in the breaking fog, I could see my husband's garden, and I knew he'd been digging around in it, turning over packed winter dirt, reminding the soil what it is to be soft and fertile and ready for growing things.  
And I thought, I want to be like that. 
Ready for growing things.  Not packed down and crusty with winter-weariness.

There's lots of cold in the forecast for this week- bitter cold, actually.  
There are lots of obstacles-spiritual, traditional, you name it-to real relationships.
Psalm 71:14 is the springtime of the soul, hope in the Lord. 
The gate is praise.  Focusing my heart and mind on real praise will grow hope in me, and praise will break through the cares of the Body and will sow seeds of joy.
Be blessed,


  1. Ginger, I can relate to being a perfectionist, who one day hopes to call herself, "a recovering" perfectionist! Unfortunately, I am a procrastinator so it's a different kind of battle going on inside my head :) And I too almost considered Feb to be a wash - until I made an attitude adjustment and now, it's ending on a positive note! God whispers everywhere. Blessings!

  2. I'm envious of those beautiful raised beds! My oldest daughter is a perfectionist. She often doesn't do something if she's not able to do it perfectly. I'm much more likely to dive in whether I know what I'm doing or not. :)

  3. oh this is so good! I am late in reading - but really for me its timely!

    Thank you for sharing your heart sweet Ginger! I would LOVE to be in a bible study with you.

    blessings to you