Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello, Monday--Back to Counting

Hello, Monday!
Hello, first day of winter break!  We heart you.
Hello, cold-that-won't-die.  How many times a day can someone blow her nose?
Hello, to-do list.  This sinus infection is making me unmotivated to tackle you.
Hello, sunshine.  Stick around, will you? 
Hello, crafting!  Working this retreat team is a perfect excuse to devote lots of time to you.

Counting gifts on this Monday:
71. washing machines to hum along and get the job done
72. warm houses
73. retreat teams
74. having a plan
75. being able to let go of the plan
76. cozy mysteries
77. clean clothes
78. paying off a car!!
79. "spring cleaning" even though it's not spring yet!
80. daffodils peeking out of cold ground
81. a gardener husband

  Be blessed,
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  1. Ah, I love these counting posts. In fact, I started my own last week...on Fridays. I'm calling it Friday Blessings. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I, too, have a sinus infection. I have a suspicion that I caught it from you when I opened your last blog post. My husband slept on the sofa last weekend because I was snoring too much. Apparently you could hear me from the kitchen.
    Is that over-sharing?
    Get well soon, my infectious friend-across-the-sea.

  3. hope you have a great winter break -- sorry about your sinus infection

    yes, sunshine!