Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday thru the Web

Broadcasting from the couch yet again.
For the record, teachers, for the most part, find it a pain in the neck to be out sick. 
 Since "Do lesson #24 on page 116" went the way of the TV antenna, leaving a meaningful assignment that a sub can handle can be quite challenging--especially if one is thinking about it at 3:30 am after a lengthy coughing spell.
Said cough convinced me to stay put another day,
 that and all the people who saw me yesterday who murmured,
 "Poor dear, you are going home to bed, aren't you?" 
 in that voice which means,
 "Go away and don't breath on me until  you are germless." 
So here I lie, doing what everyone does in these situations--
surfing the Web!
So with no further ado, here are some of my finds:
Gingerbread Scones with Cinnamon Glaze
 (from here) 
She had me at "scone".
And "gingerbread".
And "cinnamon glaze".

Mocha Shortbread  
(from here)
I have to bring cookies to a baby shower this weekend.
These are high on my list.
Hello, chocolate and mocha.
Yes, please. 

(from here)
I haven't just looked at food.  A Geek in Glasses has a simple tutorial for making your own baker's twine.  Uber-cool Christmas packages, anyone?  

Finally, a post on a more serious note from my friend Helen.
God's goodness is a marvel, really, in uncountable ways, but it always astounds me when He gives me something just because
 it would make me smile, like a child tickled by a peppermint fished out of Grandpa's pocket.
If you've read here a while, you know I love all things Anglo, so it delights me to no end that God would bring me a British blogging buddy--one with a tender heart toward Him and and sweet, true words. I hope you appreciate her heart as well. 
What's your latest find?  Do tell all.
Be blessed today,



  1. Oh. Oh Ginger.
    What can I say? I am touched beyond measure by your kind words.
    I hope you're better really soon, my gentle, wise friend across the sea.
    PS - going to look for the book you mention. Truly worshipping - yes please.

  2. Hi Ginger - so sorry you are down and out - bummer! I hope you are back to your "normal" very soon! Thanks for sharing your finds on the Web - I like the idea about making my own bakers twine - sweet!


  3. What great finds. I especially love the treats. Although I don't envy you being sick, I would "almost" welcome a sick day on my couch with a cup of coffee and a good book. I could do without the actually germs though and for sure the sub plans. I get hives just thinking about sub plans. I hope you feel better soon.