Sunday, October 7, 2012

In a Moment

I love the moment 
when autumn kisses summer goodbye.
For just an instant,
they dwell together,
flower and leaf.

Color on the ground, color in the sky.
Be blessed,


  1. Summer is refusing to leave, which is really rare in Portland, Oregon. No real rain for well over two months and still no rain in the forecast. Each morning I wake up to sun and wonder if I'm in Palm Springs on vacation instead of at home in Oregon. The nights and mornings are cool, however, so the leaves are changing. I will savor the sun, since the rain will surely come, and usually stays through June!

  2. oh i love the new pictures on your header!! I can't figure out how to do a picture in my header with my blog name on it - challenged for sure!

    Anyway - fall is slowly creeping in here on the west coast - its only going to be 81 hear instead of 94!! ;)

    hope all is well!