Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello, Wednesday

This extremely belated post is brought to you by our Annual Autumn Upper-Respiratory Infection.
Such an event should make me hate fall, but it doesn't.  
I love fall; I'm not sure it likes me.
Being a patient tests my patience.
The marathon waiting room experience kicks it off when there's nothing to read but a battered copy of Family Circle from 2008, and the trip to the pharmacy where one must stand around and be miserable and eye the cough drop selection finishes the job.
Now I'm home, thankfully, on my couch with Zach Neese's book, How to Worship a King, and a large coffee.
Oh, and an Agatha Christie.
Since we can visit today without a)me having to talk  or b) me spreading any germs, what's up at your place today?
Be blessed,


  1. I'm sure it's working at a school that does it. I haven't been sick since I quit! Love and miss the little germ carriers :)
    At my place today I'm finishing up studying for a Bible study I'm teaching tomorrow, making sure the details for our ladies' retreat this weekend are all done and working on a message for Sunday morning, our weekend retreat is ending with me giving the Sunday morning message at church. So, it's nose in the books today. I'm on here when I should be studying.

  2. So sorry you are feeling poorly. Today my man and I pulled our 5th wheel camper to Athens to leave it for the rest of the UGA football season. We have season tix to the games. After setup we ate lunch at Outback (lunch portion salada were a huge disappointment -not much food for $9), went to Sam's to stop up on stuff for his office and then back home. Needing desperately to be writing on the Hebrews Bible study but that will have to wait until next week or the weekend. Feel better, Ginger.