Friday, May 25, 2012

Summertime and the Living is…Intentional

Hi, y’all!


(Teaser shot of the still-in-progress back door redo.)

School is officially out for my girls, and I’ll be done early next week. (We are deep into Common Core planning and new curriculum maps, anyone who knows—or cares-- what that means.)

The DDs have enjoyed a week of very limited responsibility.  So far, I think they’ve folded a few clothes,  and picked lettuce out of the garden.

(And unloaded the dishwasher. A lot, adds DD#1.)

That’s about it.

Otherwise, they’ve been on the porch with their noses stuck in books.

Ahh…summertime, and livin’  is easy.


As it should be.

But this summer, I also want to be intentional.

This year, I want to know it’s been summer. 

Duh, says DD#1.

Maybe it’s the year I’ve had.


(Remember this?)

Last summer was The Summer of the Broken Foot.  I didn’t walk without a brace until Labor Day.

Then there was the sinus infection that lasted from September to Christmas.

Followed by The Sneeze that Changed Everything.

Let’s not forget DD#2 and her 9-day Hospital Stay that Ate February.

It would be fair to say that I never quite got my head in the game.

So, this summer, I want to be all in

All in projects.

All in prayer.

All in the book I read on the porch swing.

All in laughter.  And naps.  And firefly-watching.

All in trips to Paris, adds DD#1.

(Have you figured out who’s adding commentary over my shoulder while I type??)

All in enjoying my family.

All in opening my home to others.

Of course, we don’t get to map out the future; only God knows what this summer will really be like.

So, what I really want to be is all in the presence of the Holy Spirit,

walking through these days with His plan.

Are you all in?

Be blessed,





  1. Yes, I too want to be all in this summer...savoring Him, savoring each day, each moment.

  2. Ginger, I hope this summer will be wonderful for you and your family. You surely have had a year of stuff and so you need a nice, calm summer. God bless you!

  3. Hey Ginger!!

    Hope your summer is off to a GREAT start! I was reading this and the posts you linked to and its interesting how in February we both were going through similar things! Situations that reminded us who is really in charge and that we have to trust Him totally and completely! I have been through my own storm since April of 2011 (not life threatening in the physical sense) and this summer, I too want to be all in too!

    Living in thanksgiving with a grateful open heart is where I want to be, with my toes in the sand ;) of course!

    Appreciate you so much!