Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello, Again

I had every intention of linking up with Lisa Leonard’s “Hello, Monday” party, but yesterday disappeared in a blur.

About 9:00p.m, I wondered if I should still post.

What to title it?  “Goodbye, Monday”?


So today I  say hello/goodbye to Tuesday(early hello to Wednesday, perhaps?) with apologies to all those people who got their post done on time .

Hello dead camera battery, hence a picture-less late post.

Hello, sunny day, with other sunny day friends in the forecast!  That means the back steps get stained!

Hello, end-of-school-crazy-insane-calendar-starting-this-week.

Hello, deep breath-take-a-moment-of-silence before the chaos begins.

Hello, early watermelon.  You’re my fav.

Hello, extra pounds.  Must eat watermelon and not chocolate cake.

Hello, Creative Memories box full of finally-scrapbooked pages (now only a year behind! Yay-rah.)

Hello, baby lettuces in the garden!

Goodbye, Tuesday!  You were a good,  normal sort of day, and I am thankful for you.

Be blessed on your Tuesday/Wednesday,




  1. Hello! To you! Cute post! picture-less and all. Well done! And, I still think it's neat to read your writing about school - takes me back to the first few posts I found on your blog and colored pencils in a can! Makes me smile! Hugs & Love to you and yours! Jenn

  2. Oh, after working in special education, I am anticipating summer for you! How I loved having summers off!
    I'm glad you liked my story about Kusi, our Ghanaian driver. The people, they got in my heart.

  3. And Hello to you Ginger!!
    Just read your SWEET comment on my post from today (May 3). The feeling is mutual! I appreicate your honesty and heart for the Lord. Its so important for women to connect with others whose hearts long for the same thing! And that my friend brings me such peace - oh God is good!


  4. I would LOVE to be only a year behind on my scrapbooks. I can relate to the crazy schedule though. What's up with May?