Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello, Monday

Hello, next-to-last Monday of the school year!

Hello, forgotten alarm clock!  So glad Big Red set his, even if I did miss my morning exercise.

Hello, 10,000 steps across the computer lab today; I should look at the bright side and be thankful for you.

Hello, 10,000,000 obvious questions asked by students in said lab today.  (“Bibliography??? What bibliography???)

Hello, brownie batter + german chocolate cake mix combined!  You’re a match made in heaven!

Hello, yellow back door!  Your first coat makes me happy!

Hello, new porch pillows!  Hello, ferns!

Hello, homemade hummus! Yumm!

Hello, piles of laundry; I hear you calling my name.

I’m ignoring you!

Happy Monday,




  1. Hey there!! Brownie mix and german choc. cake mix - yum - do share please!

    And a yellow door?? So fun! We aren't out of school until June 8th :(

    Have a great week!!

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  3. A yellow that is major fun and very cool.