Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Merry Christmas Post

This week I really meant to  post

how much I heart office supplies as Christmas decorations,

Picnik collage

1.) Cut an index card in half. 2) Lightly stamp a red line down one side for a “notebook paper” effect 3) Round the corners and hole-punch; add a reinforcing sticker; 4) Ink the edges and stamp your message!

how two pots of soup and some flat bread make a Christmas gathering merry and bright—and easy (recipes coming next week),

and how all  you need to decorate your table is a big jar of peppermints and a couple of candles.

Yesterday it poured rain

and looked exactly the same out the windows at 3:37 pm as it did at 8:37 am,

so instead of blogging, I

1) read a book cover to cover and

2) ate.

So, today, this is a post to just wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


May this be a year when He is more than a story, a baby, a passing acknowledgement.

This year, may Christ be all.

Be blessed,




  1. Love your little index card idea Ginger!

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  3. Love your blogs. I'm a crafter, too. I also write a spiritual blog. Please join it. - "Walking In The Light"