Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to be an Awesome Aunt (and Cousins) in 12 Easy Steps!

With my niece a college freshman this fall, we have a whole new excuse for crafty cuteness:

care packages!

An idea started rolling in our heads back in October:

a 12 Days of Christmas

box with gifts to open every day as her semester wound down with studying and exams.

Even though we started planning at Halloween, we got this package in the mail in the nick of time, right after Thanksgiving.

Remember that there are three stubborn highly-opinionated drama queens females in this house, so the contents of this box of awesomeness were hotly debated.

Hence no photos.

Here’s what we finally sent:

1st day of Christmas:  a “pear” of feather earrings

2 Turtle-Doves--( Turtle candy and a Dove chocolate bar)

3 French Hens:  a Chick-Fil-A gift card

4 Calling Birds—The birds called and left messages—4 short notes of encouragement

5th day—a scarf made of rings!

6 geese-a-laying—The geese left six yellow lemon cookies (“yolks”)

7 swans-a-swimming—bath supplies

8 maids a milking—a box of Milk Duds

9 Ladies Dancing—must have tired feet, so they left socks!

10 lords-a-leaping—from all the caffeine they had from a Starbucks gift card

11 pipers piping—pirouette cookies (shaped like pipes)

and finally, 12 drummers drumming—took their drums but left sticks of gum

Corny, I know, but she loved it!   I hope this fuels your creativity.  Who needs a little extra  attention in your world?  A friend, neighbor, student?

Be blessed today!




  1. What a creative idea! :) I love it!

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