Sunday, May 8, 2011

Power to the Mamas

If you’ve visited the greeting card aisle this week like most of us have,

you’ve discovered that writing about motherhood is a lesson in cliché.

Finding a sapless Mother’s Day card is,


one in a million,

like finding a needle in the haystack,

like—you get the idea.

For those of us who are moms,

we have an equally difficult task in describing what we do.

Motherhood has changed me,

challenged me,

rewarded me,

driven me to the feet of Jesus

like nothing else in my whole world.

My kids are the most

intelligent, funny, beautiful, loving, creative, stubborn,

and infinitely interesting people

that I know.

It is a privilege to be their mama.

I want them to be crazy about Jesus

and know He’s crazy about them.

Unashamedly, I ask God to pour Himself out on them,

for them to be filled to overflowing with His Spirit.

Unashamedly, I pray that for myself,

for His power in and through my mothering.


Happy Mother’s Day to you, cliché or not.

Be blessed,



  1. Happy Mother's Day, Ginger! This post would make a great Mother's Day card! :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Ginger. I hope you have had a wonderful day!

  3. It's past other's day but reading your post moved my heart. THanks!