Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May is the new December

If you live in the South,

chances are that school is winding down

for the year.

Can I get an “Amen!”

and “Thank You, Lord!”

from the choir?

Tomorrow begins final exams here,

and, in addition to giving tests in my class,

I’ve helped DD#1 study for the big ones (math and science).

I now know more than I wanted about DNA, polypeptides, and ribosomes.

Moving on.

May rivals the holiday season for busyness

in the lives of teachers and students,

with concerts, award-ceremonies, and graduations

filling every day of the calendar.

In the last two weeks,

I’ve driven 800 miles

back and forth to events.

8-stinkin’ hundred miles.

Not kidding.

While I’m fighting exhaustion,

fast-food overload,

and a never-ending allergy season,

I’m still grateful for all this school year has represented.

Sometimes, God gives us a do-over,

and this was mine. 

Maybe it’s being the parent of a teen,

or being older,

or just grace,

but I liked this bunch of 7th graders--

despite their grammatical gaffs.

(Now I want them to go away

before they morph into snarky 8th graders.)

On the home front,

I’ve watched one of my own lovelies

learn some difficult lessons

and emerge the better for them,

with courage and purpose she doesn’t recognize.


(I’m still believing God.)

Packing away my red pen for the year,


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  1. Hi Ginger,
    Saw you comment at Leah's and wanted to come over and meet you. (I am currently memorizing Psalm 27 - and your affinity for those verses drew me to you. *grin*)
    I've enjoyed your posts, and particularly liked this one. May is the new December. For sure! In Michigan we're winding up the school year this week. Whew! Looking forward to a break!
    (And I know I'll be looking forward to September and the new school year, when mid-August arrives.)