Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Because

Time for some Friday favs. . .

1. Anticipating sweater weather this weekend!

2. . . . but I won’t be wearing one at the football game because it’s away—and Big Red does those by himself! Smile

3. Quilts, books, coffee, these

4. A compliment that motivated me to do my pilates workout today.

5. . . .which I’m going to need since I couldn’t  didn’t pass up a sweet potato fried pie from the apple house this afternoon.

6. Preparing to speak at Ladies’ Weekend, something that truly makes my heart sing, even though it’s hard

7. Listening to my girls laugh together.

Happy Friday!


Linking to Tidy Mom


  1. Fell across your site quite accidentally and found a loving warmth threaded throughout. That scripture/snapshop link turned up some gorgeous things I will be using!

  2. What fun!! I like your Friday favs. Hmm,let's see what I might add....

    Definitely sweater weather.
    Packing the suitcase to head to Israel.
    Saturday morning coffee and time in the Word.
    My kitty's purrrrrrrr.

    Just a few additions.


  3. It wasn't fair, giving that link to pancakes :)