Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From File 13: Discarded Blog Posts

With my severe case of blogger’s block, I’ve had some difficulty deciding what to write.  A few ideas just haven’t come to fruition. . . .

1. Standardized Testing: the Surefire Way to Hold Students Accountable

2. Amazing No-Calorie Chocolate Desserts!

3. Teaching Your 7th Grader to  LOVE Editing and Punctuation

4. Family, Home, Career:  You CAN Have It All

5. Making Your Teenager into a Morning Person

6.  Managing Your Hormones the Middle School Way

Posts I’m Still Considering:

1.  Convincing Your Husband You’ve Cooked in 3 Easy Steps

2. Clean Clothes are So Yesterday

3. Trends in Home Decor: Grimy Floors

4. Fourteen Ways to Make Your 14 Year-old Miserable

5. Blessed by Blogging Buddies

Wait! I really could write that last one! ;-0

Be Blessed,





  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Who says you have writer's block? :)

    Here's my discarded post: I'm one day away from a blogging conference and I am so burned out from blogging that I wonder if I've made a huge mistake! (did I just say that out loud??)

    Have a good week girlie!

  2. Oh that was funny :) loved it!

  3. Hi my friend!
    Just got the new Jan Karon book...according to her of all the books she's written it's her favorite. I can't wait to get it started!

  4. It was great to hear from you yesterday Ginger. I hope you are well. The post on how to make your 14 year old sounds intriguing. I could probably be a contributor to that one, lol.


  5. You are hilarious when you have writer's block! :)

  6. I love the humor in this post -- thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Blessings