Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thunder and Rain


Today is gorgeous and sunny.  Tender leaves are May-green, the sky Robin’s egg blue.  It could not be more beautiful. 

Saturday morning was beautiful as well, in the strange way of things.  A bout of insomnia had brought me to the couch sometime during the night, but I awoke before dawn when thunder broke the silence. 

This wasn’t any ordinary thunderclap; this one rumbled through the heavens like a bass drum, rolling on and on for literally minutes. 

Afterward, gentle rain.

The Lord spoke to me in those moments as raindrops pattered the roof. 

For several months, I’ve been heading a prayer team for a ladies’ retreat in May.  Working the teams for this community of believers is one of my greatest joys; I’d scrub floors with a toothbrush for the privilege of serving these women on a weekend.  I love it.

This assignment has been difficult.

I’ve been praying for months, but I’ve felt like my prayers were hitting the ceiling, dry as dust, sputtering and sporadic.

I have Prayer ADD.

Needless to say, praying for this team has made me feel insecure.

In the quiet of dawn, the Lord showed me that His Holy Spirit is coming to this group of women, to our church, to me.

Coming like thunder.

Then like rain.

In the devotions of the Everyday with Jesus Bible, Selwyn Hughes writes these words:

“If you could part the clouds for a moment and look into heaven, you would see in the heart of God such an intense longing and yearning for you to filled with His Spirit that it would completely overwhelm and overawe you.  He aches to give you the fullness of His Spirit—He really does.”

I want to be as eager to be filled with Him as He is to fill me. 

I want to hear the thunder.

Feel the rain.

Be blessed today.



  1. Ginger...what a beautiful post...

  2. Ginger, you just have such a way of saying things... this was beautiful.

    God would scrub floors with a toothbrush for us :).

  3. Hi Ginger!
    Re. Live Writer...when you click on the picture there is a sizing option...small or medium or large or you can custom size it. Just play around with it...if I can get it anyone can. I'm not very technologically savvy.
    Have a great day!

  4. Read your post and had to add another comment. I think you would LOVE the book Deep unto Deep the Journey of His Embrace by Dana Candler. She talks about those days when we feel our prayers are barren. Your post reminded me that...

  5. I was just catching up on your other posts, that flower is gorgeous! ANd, goosebumps for me and my husband when I shared your words with him and you wrote about God's Spirit, like thunder,like rain!. Wow. (Bethany was in Atlanta for Beth Moore. DO you know Bethany? "Titus2Tuesday" Bethany. She wrote about Beth Moore last week for TItus2.) I enjoyed your post on that too and feel your heart and troubles on raising kids (teens). Those devotional words, the ones about realizing GOd wants to fill us ... well ... He does..He really does. And, even for raising our families, working out our everyday in every way! Thank you so much for your words! Love, Jenn

  6. PS - have you tried a test blog? I have one and still have to do things "live" but, make it private and non-visible and you can try things out on it before you post to your live blog. Leah told me about it and it's been a good idea. (Southern Breeze Farm Leah)