Monday, April 26, 2010


DSC02493 *** A note for the woman sitting a few rows ahead of me at Beth Moore’s simulcast this weekend:

Your hands blessed me this weekend.  I could only see your hands and the top of your head, but right away I could tell you were a worshipper.   There were a few uplifted hands around you, but there was just something about yours.  They were exuberant.  Fingers outstretched, clapping, reaching to the heavens, they reflected your heart, your passion for our Father.  Your hands made me joyful. 

Thank you. 

As the last week in April zooms into focus, I’m:

-processing an amazing weekend with Beth Moore in Atlanta.   Must chew on this, pray on this, focus on this for a while.  GOOD stuff.  God stuff.

-done playing with blog backgrounds. I’m. Done.  Really.

-facing a week full of lots of little things to do.  I struggle to stay focused, and I need to be focused.

-praying for myself as a mom, because I have a teenager, and I’m not handling it well right now.  I want her to get what I’m saying to her, like, yesterday, and it’s not happening.

What’s up at your house this week? 

Be blessed



  1. Ginger, first of all I'm glad that you had such a meaningful experience over the weekend. We all need a breath of life every now and then. Now for the teenage bit that I picked up on, you are not alone. I feel very unheard as well. It is very hard to let go and hold on and let go. Let's keep telling each other that we will get through this, OK?
    By the way, your blog looks great!

  2. Ginger,

    So glad I got to hug your neck Saturday. Wish we had had more time to visit. It was an amazing day. Love the new look of your blog.


  3. Ginger,

    I wished I would have had the opportunity to hug your neck while being in Atlanta at the Simulcast. This week....lots on the schedule, but most importantly is soaking.


  4. Hi Ginger...thank you for commenting on my blog, like I said I love me some comments! Thought I'd return the favor to you. I have enjoyed my visit here so much. We will have to stay in touch with each other, I think we have lots in common. Hang in there with the teenager thing...sometimes I thought my son hated my guts...but we got through it..."this too shall pass"...just pray your way through! God bless you! Robyn

  5. First of all love the blog background and header...thought mine looked great until my daughter told me she thought I should hire a blog designer...oh brother. It's worse than being on what not to wear evidently!

    Having a teenager....take one day at a time, pray, pray, pray, and ask God to cover your mistakes with His grace.

    Beth Moore...I did the online book discussion but didn't get to attend the simulcast. So glad you did!

  6. I'll be praying for you and your daughter. Nothing like a teenager!!

    I'm looking at my second to the last week of classes at seminary. Lots of papers to write and a sermon to give at my church on Saturday for a Mothers and Others banquet.

  7. Sadly, I missed you at the event. I was volunteering at the LPM product table and it was a blast!

    We worked so hard and slipped in and out without much time to hug necks. I had your name on my index card of phone numbers to give a call, but I just didn't get to it. Next time we'll spend some time together.

    Teenagers. I think you are experiencing the God-planned "cutting of the apron strings" that mothers dread so very much. My recommendation is to find some kind of activity you can both enjoy and do it for fun. The hard times overwhelm but you really do need to laugh. I think Beth Moore wrote one time that she could get her daughters to talk if she just got them in the car for a ride. Don't grill them. Just let the time open up a conversation and listen. Do more listening. Just my two cents worth. You know this is all a part of growing up. Pray for wisdom and love.

  8. Ginger,
    I wish I was in Atlanta! So many bloggers I read were there. And I love your description of the woman you saw. Last Sunday at church, I saw an elderly woman with her arms reaching up during our worship time and I couldn't hold back tears. I could tell it was really a struggle for her to hold her arms up (they were shaking), but she didn't let that stop her.... almost like she was saying "take me Lord!" Beautiful!

    What's up for us this week.... um, third round of strep throat. Hopefully that will be done by Friday because Big A's brother is getting married. :)

    No advice from me on the teenage years. I'm barely surviving elementary school.

  9. I am so bummed that I didn't get to meet you Saturday! Leah asked me if I saw you and I hoped we might run into you, but maybe we can meet in the middle and have lunch soon!

    Ah, the teenage years....I promise it will get better.

  10. Ginger,

    I was so looking forward to meeting you this weekend in Atlanta and I'm sad that we didn't get to meet. I'm so glad that you were blessed by what you saw during worship. I am looking forward to reviewing and pressing in what I heard at the simulcast. The LORD started speaking to me as soon as Beth went to her knees to pray.

    You new blog background is very pleasing to the eye. What a blessing to be so savvy with the technology. I am not.

    Praying that we would both have wisdom as we parent teenagers, and patience, oh yes LORD, I need patience,