Sunday, January 10, 2010

What I Did Instead of Lesson Plans

Since the snow here remains a icy hazard, Big Red and I have used our unexpected time at home to do some much-needed decluttering. There is just something about winter that brings out my nesting instincts; I want to fluff, clean, and arrange. Call it "winter cleaning" as opposed to "spring cleaning".

Anyhow, after tackling the impossibly cluttered laundry room and making plans that involve trips to Lowe's when things thaw, Big Red moved this old library cabinet up from the basement to our kitchen. I arranged our semi-matching dishes inside but left the top empty until inspiration struck.

I shopped our basement and turned up this:

The rooster oil and vinegar jar and salt and pepper shakers were my mom's, and the coffee pot is our back-up in case the power goes out. Inspired by the Nester's framed fork idea, I hot-glued my mother's vintage sugar scoop to paper from my scrapbook stash and stuck it in an old frame. Ta-da!
The wall above still looks a little blank; I plan to scope thrift stores for some toile-patterned saucers or old recipe book covers to frame or some other vintagey, cottagey goodness. (Forget that I'm a English teacher when you read that last line.) Any ideas?

Speaking of ideas, our master bedroom needs some help. Put on your decorating thinking caps and be ready to help me make my vision a reality--on zero budget. Ya'll are smart; you can handle it! ;-0 Pictures forthcoming later in the week, especially if the snow/slush freezes and we have another day out of school.

Be blessed,


  1. Honey, I can barely dress myself. I sure can't do a re-design on a room. I LOVE the spoon thingy. I have my baby spoons and I might try this if I get really, really brave. Might ask for prayer if I decide to try it!! LOL!


  2. Love the sugar scoop idea!! Very clever!! I'm one that asks for help when it comes to decorating, so I'm no help. But, I must say, I'm inspired by your work.