Sunday, January 31, 2010

My New Favorite Toy

As you know already, I love anything book-related, so when I stumbled upon this site, I was in hog heaven. Don't you miss the good, old-fashioned card catalog? The computerized version is so...heartless, somehow. I loved flipping through the cards searching for the perfect book and often serendipitously discovering another favorite.
Alas, I do not own one of those lovely card-catalog cabinets, and if I did, my personal library is hardly large enough to warrant a cataloging system.
Instead, I'm using the card-catalog generator to create Scripture memory cards. (I was inspired by Lora's beautiful work here.)
Here are my first two verses for the month of January:

Don't you love the little "handwritten" scribbles?

If you haven't joined Leah over at The Point for Scripture Memory Challenge 2010, visit her on the 1st and 15th of each month to help us hold one another accountable in the Word.

Two more Mondays at my long-term sub job, then I'm back to being a SAHM for a while. My family is chompin' at the bit, waiting for my return. They like regular laundry, real breakfasts...and a mom who has had an uninterrupted time with the Lord. I'll share more later (when I actually know I've survived! :-) ) about what I've learned and am learning through this season.
Be blessed today!


  1. I so understand your comment about the card catalog system - there is something familiar and enjoyable to me in flipping through cards and papers. It maybe that I'm a techno dinosaur! But I do remember as a child standing at the cabinet during our weekly library visit and searching for new treasures.

    I love your handwritten scribbles!

    Blessings to you Ginger!

  2. Hey - I came by last night but was too tired to post a comment so here I am again. I love Lora's post on the little book - and have been putting my craft spot together partly in order to create my own little verse-book. I have been wanting to memorize scripture and just haven't done it, except by inadvertently recalling frequently read passages - so I'm working on that. So glad to see you posted. Hope your mulley-grubs are gone. It's been tough lately. Love ya, Jenn

  3. Those are so pretty! I could see those being a keepsake for a daughter.

    I didn't realize you're were a SAHM who was just temporarily full-time working. I'm hoping your last few days of work go quickly!