Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunshine...or a Day Winter Fooled Us

Today is one of those lovely days when the sun shines and the temperatures soar to something akin to early spring. A false spring day, a day designed to fool me into believing that spring is just around the corner, instead of months away.

My windows are open, letting in crisp air and bright light that is pushing out the stagnant gas-log, too-much-heat smell in my house.

I love days like today. In a southern summer, the air lays thick like a wet wool blanket, suffocating. Sometimes even before dawn, in those quiet hours when only I am awake, the heat refuses to release its hold.

In spite of my love/hate relationship with winter, the colder months win the day with me, precisely because of days like today. Just for a few hours, winter is willing to step back and let the hope of spring peep out.

Melting snow and days of rain have turned our driveway into a bog. Cold, wet mud covers the ground. Yet, I can turn my face to the sun, sit for a moment, imagine green.


My sweet friend Twinkle sent me to this post today. I hope you'll visit both and experience a breath of fresh air even if it's not sunny and warm enough to fool you where you are.



  1. Ginger, I love this post and am feeling fooled as well. This warm day is welcome to stay a day or two longer.

  2. It was a glimpse of spring here, too, Ginger! I am so glad you enjoyed the article about Fragrant HOPE. It blessed me so much, too. I love your pictures you've posted looking out your window. Very peaceful the way the light spreads outside the window.
    Thank you for the link to my site. Come back anytime!