Monday, February 17, 2014

Mulitude Monday:The I Can Imagine It Will One Day Be Spring Edition

Happy Monday!
Believe it or not, our school system managed to eck out a few days of Winter Break despite some snow days, 
so here I am at home again on a Monday. 
I must confess I love being home on Monday.
It's almost...decadant,somehow, like an orange cream cheese scone.

It's a gift.

204. The whole world coated in sugar frosting.

205....but now it's melted! #IlovetheSouth
206. Milder weather for a few days
207. Being able to take my walk outside without icy winds and/or mud puddles
208. House church meeting here yesterday--I love opening my home.
209. New faces in our group--with two of the best-behaved children I've ever met.
210. A friend being able to begin college classes again.
211. Red in the morning--even if it is "shepherd's warning".

212. Tree silhouettes.
213-214. Heavy red fleece and bright green top for a total of $6. I love thrifting!

215. Purple flowers from the grocery store

216. Pinterest..and pinterest projects done!

217. Teen having lunch with a friend
218, A whole day planned with my friend on Wednesday!
219. PW's sour cream pancakes
220. hugs from a 14 year old!
222. Teen-meltdown-crisis that ends in laughter and forgiveness
223. Pain in my back much better
224. " God's very reality revealing itself--occuring!--in Jesus." (quoted in The New International Commentary on the New Testament)
What are you counting today?
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  1. great list!! I wouldnt mind a snow day over here - we have had such a warm winter in California!

    Enjoy your break! and the scones and the pancakes! :)