Monday, April 16, 2012

On Monday: A List

Listening to: White Flag, the newest Passion CD

Munching: Homemade hummus and pita chips

Painting in my head: Silvery spring rain, gray skies, tiny green leaves

Surfing for: Mattress reviews; 18 years + bad back = overdue investment

Reading: Ezekiel; discouraging/humbling all at the same time

Fretting over: high-stakes testing this week

Wondering: why teachers are worried about tests, but kids aren’t!

Helping: DD#1 study AP History

Realizing: History repeats itself.

Be blessed today,




  1. Hey Ginger!

    I think your list and your honesty!! thank you for your nice comment today. I must say that staying positive isnt always so easy! i struggle more with taking what people say or do or dont say or dont do -- always taking it in a negative light! i admit to jumping to conclusions and misinterpreting intentions!

    Hope testing goes well for all of you! Blessings to you!

  2. ok - first line should read "i like your list.... not THINK



  3. Hi Ginger.
    I like this.
    Across the sea, I am: Listening to: The noise of the tumble dryer. Munching: a vitamin C tablet. Painting in my head: shaft of watery sunlight after heavy rain. Surfing for: wisdom and beauty from my friend in the US of A. Reading: Commentary on Psalm 23. I love being a sheep. Fretting over: toothache. Wondering: if a cup of coffee will hurt my tooth. Helping: voluntary work in the church coffee shop later. Realising: people all over the world are going about their business and the Lord doesn't miss a thing.

  4. Eating: Twizzler washed down with Sierra Mist
    Watching: Two and A Half Men followed by 3 Men and A Lil' Lady
    Smelling: Who pooted?
    Doing: Homemade Manicure, NYX Pretty In Pink Shimmer Shine
    Loving: Life

  5. Good list and lots for you to think about. Thank you for sharing it with us as we all need to make these lists. Prayers sent your way. Ginger, too.