Monday, April 23, 2012

Let’s Pretend (subtitled The Door Before)

Let’s pretend, shall we?

Let’s pretend I didn’t begin this project, oh, say, three weeks ago.

Then we can pretend that it hasn’t rained almost every weekend since then.

While we’re at it, we can imagine that all the sunny days hadn’t featured the first normal (i.e. chilly) temperatures of the whole ding-dang winter/early spring.

No, we’re just going to pick up this post as though completion is imminent any day now.

One of my spring break goals was a back door beautification.


Isn’t it sad?

I would show you our double-ugly clay “wall” that faces the door, but that’s even sadder.

We were planning a lovely-yet-oh-so-traditional red door until I spotted this beauty.


(via Southern Living; can’t get it un-blurry)

Um…our house is gray, so the turquoise door might not work, but the yellow boots got me thinking.

(Insert many hours wandering around Lowe’s here.)

Here’s the door paint test. (All paints are Valspar.)


DD#1  voted for blue.

DD#2 voted for cowslip.

Big Red voted for (you know where this is going, don’t you?) dahlia.

Mom’s tie-breaker…

None of the above.

Well, sort of.

You’ll see when I (ever) finish.

I did stain the steps.

Epic fail.


Too blue.


(You can’t see it so much in the picture, but this was “Back to the Future”, all-I-need-now-is-a-ceramic-goose, circa 1980’s blue. 

Double boo.)

Big Red kindly stripped the stain off, and the nice Lowe’s man helped me chose again, so I hold out hope for the second attempt.

Yet untried.

Because the weather won’t cooperate.


What’s on your undone project list?

Be blessed,



  1. I haven't planted my spring seeds for the same reason. My tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons are going to be so late this year... but it's a-cold and a-wet out here and I am a fair weather gardener. And the greenhouse is still full of yucca and other tender plants cowering from the frosts we're still having so I have to fight my way in at my peril. See what I'm up against?!
    Thanks for this Ginger. Made me laugh.

  2. Have you tried Sea Exposure? It looks like it might work. Keep up the struggle. It will be a great finished product soon. Will be waiting for a photo!