Monday, February 27, 2012


Daring to experience Joy today…

3 gifts at breakfast, lunch, dinner (supper, if you’re Southern Smile)

--first cup of coffee when I’m the only one up at my house

--talking with school staff member at lunch and realizing that she loves Bible study

--listening to girls giggle at the kitchen table

3 gifts white

--a blank sheet of notebook paper

--a thrifted collection of tiny white pitchers

--clean white towels

3 gifts that changed today

--DD#2 had her NG tube removed!

--She can return to school tomorrow!

--Positive phone call with insurance company over hospital bills

a gift of tin

--Mama’s sugar scoop framed in my kitchen

a gift of glass

--the thirteen windows that fill our kitchen and living room with morning light

a gift of wood

--the kitchen table from my childhood home

3 gifts before 11 a.m.

--coffee with half-and-half

--quiet moments for Bible study

--kind words from co-workers and students as I returned to class

a gift nearly worn out

--my Bible, already recovered once and getting loose in the seams again

a gift new

--a teacher’s website that offered some fresh perspectives for my weary classroom

a gift made do

--my ragged rocking chair

3 gifts that are reflections

--my prayer journal

--the neighborhood pond that makes sunrises times two

--conversations with Big Red

Be blessed today,


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