Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Love Sees

Permit me a post full of other people’s words.

From Selwyn Hughes’ book, God, The Enough, because it convicts and challenges me:

“Sin is without a doubt the biggest problem God has ever had to deal with.  . . .{The gospels} spell out in terms that are crystal clear how much anguish sin brought to the heart of the Deity. . . .

Cornelius Plantinga, in his book Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be, spells out the issue in these poignant words:

‘The ripping and writhing of a body on a cross, the bizarre metaphysical maneuver of using death to defeat death, the urgency of the summons to human beings to ally themselves with the events of Christ and with the Person of those events, and then to make that Person and those events the center of their lives—these tell us the main human trouble is desperately difficult to fix, even for God, and that sin is the longest running of all human emergencies.’

What is God’s answer to sin? The suffering of Christ. . . But what prompted that suffering?…It was grace.  Grace increasing, abounding, and sufficient.  Hallelujah!”


Be blessed today,



  1. Jesus paid it all..I love considering the mystery surrounding the death and resurrection of our Christ. His death prompts my life. He helps me to see beauty in a way I never saw it before.

  2. Thank God for His Amazing Grace!!!

  3. Thank God for His Amazing Grace!!!