Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome to the Casa de Amore

One Sunday afternoon, Big Red and I took off on an old-fashioned “Sunday drive”.  We had a destination in mind, but we purposely traveled every side road known to the mailman ( and a few that probably weren’t) along the way.

As we passed by a little neighborhood of houses with mowed grass and other usual indications of normal life, we noticed a hand-painted sign in front of one that read

“Welcome to the

Casa de Amore!”

Being the people we are, this got us (well, me anyway) tickled.

Was this some sweet, romantic gesture,

or just

Love Shack

in Española?



This morning I was considering all my best-laid bloggy plans; I had hoped to blog every day for Leah’s Living Thankful series this month, a plan quickly derailed by work, illness, and life in general.

Then I found something I had written on a slip of paper in my Bible that reminded me of our little field trip past the Casa de Amore.

In Psalm 27 (y’all know I like that one), David asked to "dwell in the house” of the Lord forever.  He is asking for what, in the earthly sense, he is not allowed to have.

Only the priests could enter the Holy Place, and David is, in essence, asking for the privileges of the priests.  Eventually, David gets this—in Heaven!

What David desired, I am offered in Christ.  Full access, torn veil.

I am invited, not only as God’s guest but as His child through His grace—to be a kingdom of priest, serving and seeking Him in His presence. 

He also says that my body is a temple—His dwelling place.

I am both priest and tabernacle.

Casa de Amore.

A house of Love,

because Christ loved me and gave Himself up for me,

and when He was glorified, the Spirit came.

This Thanksgiving, I want to be grateful all over again for the blood of Jesus that alone satisfies the Father.

I am thankful that He didn’t stop at atonement--

He gave me access,

tabernacles with me,

loves me from the inside out.

Be blessed,





  1. Absolutely beautiful post! Thank you, Ginger for your prayers for our church building situation.

  2. Beautiful post!! Just beautiful and so on target! Bless you, my friend.

  3. I just knew I should've copied my comment before I tried to post it. Lost it! So, as I was telling your DD#1, I'll try to regather my comment thoughts. (Tough one sometimes!) I just so thoroughly enjoyed my visit ... I haven't been by in a while. It just blesses me when I get back by. Love your sunshine fall trees photo and post. Yes, big hair! But I aged before you (Beatles to The Monkeys). Melted albums, very interesting! And, no wonder where DD#1 gets her wide taste for food and cooking. (Saw the bday cake you did for her, awesome!). Hope she's feeling better. Wasn't going to read all the verbage post but so glad I did (I thought it was one of those pass along things at first, then realized it was really about you.) Another great post. I like the scripture and snapshot - forgot about that meme. I think I posted w/Leah 30 Days Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and was thinking about her the other day. So, I'm somewhere sort of in blog land??? Well, I'm just blessed by your posts and thank you so much ... I hope you are encouraged in whatever struggles y'all are going through. (Heb 12) - Keep your eyes on the Lord (vs 1) and be sure to give some room for healing (around vs. 12). I cling to Hebrews 12 lately. Some tough words and thoughts in it but then always drop by Romans 5 and see why. Aren't you glad our Heavenly Father loves us unfailingly? (Doing Moore's study on "Breaking Free". Talk about some tough stuff to process . . . but the beauty is His love. Wow. Anyway, hugs to you and your family, especially you and DD#1. Love ya, good to visit you . . . yes, you looked rather teenagery in that photo. :) Jenn