Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Over the weekend, I had conversations with two moms,

young mothers,

each grappling with large issues of parenthood and purpose.

For vastly different reasons, my heart broke for both of them,

and I started thinking about this whole thing of moms and choices and callings,

and that made me think about some moms that played huge roles in this Advent season.

There’s Mary, the obvious one,

but there’s also the others found in Christ’s lineage--

Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba.

When you think about it,

this list has a liar, a prostitute, an idolater, an adulteress, and a good church girl.

That about covers it for people.

Chances are you and I are (or have been) somewhere on the list.

I could write a novel about those gals (a few folks already have), because their stories speak volumes about big ideas

like, for instance, motherhood and choices and callings.

Today I’ll keep it at this:

none of them got a bye on the hard decisions.

Not a single one of them earned a place in Heaven.

Some of them followed their desires and paid the consequences,

and some of them followed directions and ended up in the right place,

but all of them ran smack into their


the true lover of their souls,

the One Who really knew the secret places of their hearts all along.

As moms who face choices and callings,

who sometimes run in the right direction

and sometimes don’t,

let’s stop hiding from—or in-- our hearts’ desires,

and just run into the Redeemer.

Be blessed,





  1. I have been all of those women...more than once. Lord,help me. I'm so thankful for the grace offered by my Redeemer.

  2. Hi my friend! Just stopping my to say thanks so much for your kind encouragement on my blog. I'm so behind on getting around to my favorite bloggers lately with new grandbaby and all. :) Hope all is well with you and yours Ginger!

  3. W o w
    Great post!
    Have you met Nicole? (180 Degrees for Single Moms) her blog's on my sidebar.
    Was over on Mellie's. As always great post.
    Love your header photo. I'm always making sure I'm not in the photo -love seeing your camera in yours. Great background.
    Awesome thought provoking post. (As always)
    Love ya, Hugs ! Jenn