Thursday, August 11, 2011

On a Thursday

After a thousand petty annoyances that have made this week a tough one, the LORD has shown up in a situation near to my heart.

I want to share it with you, because someone needs to hear that God is still in the miracle-working, radical-healing business.

My sweet, sweet friend, who calls herself my “arm-holder-upper” (like Aaron and Hur were for Moses) when I’m speaking, has struggled all summer with her husband’s cancer diagnosis. 

Long story short: a mass the size of a basketball (you read that correctly), 1st round of chemo while in still in ICU, last round of chemo leaving him weak and severely anemic.  Told last week that more chemo would kill him, and surgery on the remaining cancer poised enormous, unacceptable risks.

They traveled half-way across the country this week to meet with the nationally-recognized specialist for his type of cancer.

The verdict after all the tests:

(drum-roll, please)

what his doctors thought was cancer was

scar tissue

from the tumor.

He can consider himself cured.

The LORD be praised!

His wonders have.not.ceased.

Take that one to the spiritual bank, girlfriend.

Be blessed,



  1. Oh my word Ginger!!!!!! What a PRAISE!!! I love hearing this news! So many people I know have been getting this diagnosis and I appreciate the reminders that God is bigger!!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. PTL!!! Thanks for sharing that testimony of God's healing & miraculous power!

  3. Oh what a great reason to REJOICE! I am so happy for your dear friend. YaY Jesus!!!