Sunday, April 10, 2011



I am back to my regular,  semi regular sporadic posting schedule since spring break has ended.

The highlight:

one gazillion tulips

at the entrance of the Biltmore House.




I want Big Red to be a groundskeeper there when he retires from teaching.

I could just wander around and take pictures.

The bad news:

no pictures of said tulips.

Not one.


So sad.

Instead, I give you photos of my housecleaning projects.

You get what you pay for on this blog.


Lately, I’ve been drawn to all the lovely,

clean, simple styles

like the ones featured here:


White paint is calling my name, and I’ve got Big Red’s go-ahead on some lightening-and-brightening.

In the meantime,

I’m trying to simplify and declutter  around here.

(Ummm….is there anyone else out there who wonders where the real-life stuff

goes in the magazine-worthy homes we admire?

Where’s the bottle of ketchup?

Or the mail?

Or the coupons she forgot to take to the store?)

I digress. 

Here’s what I did accomplish.

Springifying this table…


A nest of pale eggs in a soup tureen…


My favorite tiny white pitchers….


The word of the season (and more white pitchers) on the mantel….


DD#2 and I have collected heart-shaped rocks for a few years now.  They rest in my mama’s biscuit bowl on top of the coffee table.


Notice I did not photograph any mail or condiments.

Lots of projects are swirling in my head,

most of which will not be tackled

until June.

Off to collect my head for tomorrow

and finish the last chapters

of one of my spring-break reads.

What’s spring bringing to your house?

Be blessed,


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