Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thinking Ahead

Ironically, this week of migraines and sinus infections featured some lovely weather in these parts.


(Valentine yellow mums from Big Red, bearer of good cheer.)

Spring fever has hit weeks too early.

Do not be fooled!

Winter is not done!

Mark my words: on my birthday (mid-March)

and spring break (early April),

we’ll be freezing.

Trust me.

I know these things.

My one concession to the weather:

a spring fever project.

Realistically, this is a summer project;

I will never get to it

before June.

Nevertheless, I am collecting ideas.

I need yours!

This little table sat in my mother’s kitchen for 57 years.


(Disclaimer: this table is usually loaded with mail, books, groceries, etc.)

It was a wedding gift.

We ate all our meals around it until I was in middle school when Mama got to remodel the kitchen.

A recycler before recycling was cool, Mama then used it in the den to hold pictures and her ever-present flower bouquets.

Whenever she comes to visit me, she likes to eat at the little table.


Alas, this table needs a face lift.

(I found some inspiration online, but now I’ve lost it. GRRR… I hate it when that happens.)

Red legs, white top?


Distressed white?

Something fun stenciled on top?

Keep those ideas coming!

Happy Weekend.

Be blessed,




  1. I'm big on the natural look. That's a beautiful table...keep the beautiful woodgrain and give it a nice finish. :)

  2. You're right about that- in South Dakota we went from 70 degrees to 8 inches of snow! This time of year is so deceptive!

    My Opa did a beautiful finish on a garage sale find for me, and now my little house is home to a beautiful set of table and chairs, purchased for me by my mother for $10. Every time I see it, I think of his labor of love.

    I also love the look of distressed white furniture.

  3. What a special table Ginger. I love it as is, but I'm sentimental that way.


  4. If I were going to paint it, I would just paint the legs a distressed white/cream/ivory color. Dark stain top with the off-white legs would look good to me. Maybe just an off-white seat cushion for the chairs would be the final touch.