Thursday, February 10, 2011


A light snowfall,

just enough render our steep roads hazardous,

has kept us out of school today.


Mounds of laundry

and a major tub scouring

have gotten me in the mood for spring projects.


Painting cabinets!

Whitewashing my brown wicker chairs!


Slipcovering my sofa!

(Except that I don’t sew.  Scratch that one.)


(All photos here)

Tell me,

is anyone else

dreaming of spring?

Be blessed,




  1. That and just spring in general. I'm so sick of ice, snow, sore throats, ready for spring!!!

  2. I've been dreaming of Spring since August. :)

  3. Most definitely... it is my favorite time of year! Late spring, early summer... MAY! Do you by any chance have a spring birthday? I have a theory that people's favorite seasons tend to correspond with their birth months. Often, though not always, true.

    Oh and the lilacs!!! If I wasn't dreaming of spring before, I am now! Is there any scent more heavenly??? Beautiful photographs!

  4. I am definitely ready for spring! However, that means there are fewer clothes to hide under and the pale skin has to make it's debut. It reminds me that I need to get on an immediate weight loss plan! So, now that I think about it... maybe not so much.

  5. I was just blog surfing and came across yours. First let me say I love the poetic flow of this post. Second: I'm dreaming for spring as well. My son and I started some herb seeds indoors two weeks ago and we've already got some 'baby plants' sprouting up. And lastly I love the pictures, they work so well with the post.

  6. I'm ready for spring for sure! And projects...yes, please!
    By the way, those are lovely photos. :)

  7. You had me at the lilacs.. my favorite reminder of spring. What a lovely blog.