Sunday, November 7, 2010

With Unveiled Faces


This verse leapt out at me today on several levels.

My family is becoming more and more burdened for young girls trapped in human trafficking situations.  We are seeking God’s plan for using us to lead them to His throne.

Yet, today I also think of those I know and love who are bound not by human hands, but by doubt and fear and discouragement.  I long to hold up a mirror that would show them the light of His face reflected on them.   I pray that they would know His glory manifested through them.

Oh, to be radiant with His light!




  1. This is beautiful! - the verse, the photo and your words!

  2. I will pray along with you.
    Beautiful post.

  3. Ginger, this reminder means so much to me today. I feel like my little family is on the verge of doing something much bigger than we ever thought possible and I'm so scared.

    It's funny... we had one of our missionaries (I mean, International Workers, as they now have to be called) speak today. He's been almost killed several times. Someone said, "Aren't you SCARED?" And he said, "The scariest place to be is outside of God's will for my life."

    Sigh. I want that trust!

  4. What a beautiful image.

    Also, on your header slight misalignment you asked about, I fixed mine by making it slightly larger pixel-wise in picasa. I'm not sure what you are using for your photos, but when you export it, try making is a little bigger. You might need to play around to find just the right size. Good luck!

  5. This has more meaning to me today than ever. Thanks for sharing Ginger.


  6. I just happen to stumble upon your page and I just wanted to let you know how encourageing your words are today.