Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dumb Blogger Question #567

How do I set up my blog so that I can post large photos?


(This is soooo small!)

If I put in medium-sized pictures, one side is cut off, so I have to shrink it.


(See how the words are cut off in medium.)

So sad. Sad smile


(Getting this giant-sized photo to fit would really be nice!)

Thanks for your help.

Be blessed!



  1. (*holds up hand*)

    I know. I know. I know! Pick me!!

    I put the picture in the insanely out of date paint program and then use the stretch/skewer option to manipulate the size there. Then, when I add it to the blog, it seems to accept adjustments with their whooping three size options without spilling onto someone else's blog!

  2. My son set me up to do my blogs on Windows Live Writer and I can finally get bigger pictures. YAHOO! I love it and it's so easy.

  3. LOVE Windows Live Writer, too! It's a free program to download. You can drag the pictures as large as you want. I make them the same size as the paragraphs so they won't get cut off :)