Sunday, November 15, 2009

You've Got Mail

All my literary friends in the blogsphere have been raving about The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. You've already noted my devotion to the written word, so I dutifully put my name on the library list and patiently waited my turn.

Oh, my.

Was it ever worth the wait.

Over the past few days, I have stayed up way past my bedtime, neglected the dust bunnies, and sipped hot tea, all to reach the satisfying end of this book.

I loved it partly because I sorely miss the art of letter-writing. When I was in high school, my best friend and I wrote newsy letters to one another all summer long. She didn't have a phone, so this tradition began out of necessity but continued out of pure pleasure. During the school year, I wrote notes to her after finishing my assignment in typing class. These turned into a lengthy continuing mystery story starring all of our friends as suspects. We thought ourselves terribly witty. To this day I wish I'd copied and saved them all.

Alas, one simply cannot picture today's emails tied in a blue hair ribbon and stored in a treasure box. It makes me wonder what else we've lost in these days of instantaneous, impermanent communication.

For instance, who doesn't love mail, the good kind, the personal kind, that lets me know someone other than a credit card company was thinking of me from far away?

Besides that, what about the fun of searching for the perfect card? Or searching for stationary that was just so you that the receiver could instantly identify the sender? I spent many a delicious hour in my college bookstore selecting cards for my mother, who had to have been the World's Best Correspondent. She sent me oodles of mail that made me the envy of all my friends.

Even after I moved closer to home and saw her often, my mom continued to write me letters. I think perhaps it was a more comfortable medium to say things that were hard to say face-to-face. She could safely comment on my dating woes or encourage me through a long and discouraging season with my health with those lovely mama words that seemed awkward in our new adult-to-adult relationship.

I think I'll whip out the yellow pages and find the nearest Hallmark store. Then I'll actually buy some stamps, something I haven't done in a long time. It's time for a newsy letter or two for a friend far away.



  1. I know what you mean about the letter writing. Maybe we should exchange addresses and do some letter writing. I love the blogs and comments and exchanges there but you're right, you can't wrap a blue ribbon around the impersonal 8.5 x 11" paper it's printed on.
    On another note. I simply could not get to sleep last night. I laugh as I think about this now. I think I fell asleep by 2:30 or 3 a.m. I know I looked at the clock at 5 a.m. Anyway, as I lay there with an abundance of thoughts, I got to wondering ... 'where's Ginger?'. I've been reading quite a few blogs and have several on my blog whereby I just click and go read. It took me a few minutes to put the little thumbnail of the pound cake...dwelling in the house....and ah! Ginger! So I have NOT inadvertently skipped your blog afterall! Phew! And then, I went on to other thoughts ... yawned an awful lot in church. Took a nap (at home). Still extremely sleepy. Laughing. Jenn

  2. G'morning, I'm bj and so happy to meet you. Another blogger, Jenn, told me about you and I wanted to come over and say HI !
    I love your post this morning. I am of the generation that wrote letters all the time..I got them as a young girl from my daddy that lived far away from his little girl. I got them from my grandpa..and my Aunt Myrt. Then, in high school, from my boyfriends and I always had a pen pal across the sea from me.
    I have several love letters from my hubby of almost 50 years...and I still get excited as can be when I find a REAL and PERSONAL letter...just to ME !!
    Yes, letter writing is fast becoming a lost art and I feel pretty sure we will never 'get it back'. For this, I am sorry. All my grandkids live right here in the same town but I see to it that all 10 of them get a Christmas card from their Memaw and Granddad, IN THE MAIL..addressed just to them. And, staying with a tradition my daddy started so long ago with me, I always include just one stick of gum !!! :O)
    I am signing up to follow...

  3. Thanks so much for your comment earlier today Ginger. Your words were encouraging!

    So funny you posted on this particular subject today. I spent most of the weekend writing notes to various friends/family that God has put on my heart lately. Sure would have been easy to shoot an e-mail, but God had me do these particular notes by hand. You are correct, it is a special treasure to receive a handwritten note from a friend. :)