Monday, November 23, 2009


...for my husband, who has gotten himself and the kids off to school BY HIMSELF for two days now, once to help me recover from a speaking engagement last week, and this morning because I have the creeping crud;

...for a doctor to go to this morning for the crud;

...for a weekend full of powerful worship

...for God's mercy in allowing my voice to hold out for all the worship services in which I've participated the last few days...right up through choir practice last night;

...for an awesome group of MOPS ladies who opened their hearts to hear about the outrageous grace of God through Jesus Christ;

...for my Savior, my Prince, Who redeemed this messy life and lets me talk about Him be the glory and honor and power forever and ever!

...for you, particularly if you're still reading this.

Blessings today,


  1. Hope you're feeling better. Amen! Amen! and Thank you! ;) Jenn

  2. Amen and amen. I pray you are feeling better now. Blessings to you and your family as you gather to give thanks.