Friday, May 9, 2014


I had planned a thoughtful, maybe deep post that might appear yet, but I must pause to ponder the merry, merry month of May(hem).
Maybe June is your month when all kinds of crazy collide, 
but ours is now, especially with a graduate in the house.
A graduate who just agreed to a graduation party this week.
("What's the big deal about graduating anyway? Everybody does it!") 

Damask graduation cake
(Her cake-of-choice if someone besides Mom can make it..)
There are two weeks before graduation.
Graduation Party Drinks ~ Be Different...Act Normal
(These are cute and doable!)
Did I mention her parents teach?
How about a cheesy "diploma" for your graduation party?
(Another cheesy idea for graduation food.  (I'm tired; can you tell?)
And they have finals for their students--as well as all the usual last-week-of-school chaos--
  the day before graduation?
Graduation party food Little chocolate covered strawberries shaped like a cap and gown.
Adorable, but I might lose my mind!
(She also detests the phrase, "Congrats, Grad", so that eliminates many options.)

black and white congratulations banner. doubles as gift bags!
(Though this is super-cute to me!)
Thank You, Lord, for Pinterest.
I know you can laugh and cry at once, but can one laugh-happy and cry-sad all at the same time, too?
Excuse me while I go put out another fire/call another guest/plan a menu/ roll my eyes at the honoree/grab a tissue.

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