Friday, September 23, 2011

The Errant Blogger: Fill in the Blank Friday

New week’s resolution (yes, new weeks can begin on Friday):

blog every day this week.


Not kidding.


Since the Errant Blogger is also an English teacher, she felt a tad guilty about requiring papers from moaning middle schoolers while avoiding the written word herself.

She’s conscientious like that.

However, since it is  Friday, I’m cheating a little by participating in Fill in the Blank Fridays.

Consider it a writing warm-up for grown-ups.

1. The best thing I did all week was  pray with a friend.  
2.  Bible study and coffee first thing in the morning make me super happy.

3.  Pets should be low maintenance (like cats) but not smelly (like birds) or boring ( like fish) .

4.  Knowing Christ has redeemed me is the best thing about my life.

5.  With the cooler weather I am looking forward to everything!  I love the pumpkin waffles, the leaves, the chilly temperatures, the frost, the cozy sweaters.

6.  Something that's on my "wish list" right now is a macro lens (highly unrealistic) and a sugar bowl (quite possible, though dull).      .

7.  This weekend I am going to  start planning our fall Ladies’ Gathering, help a friend, do laundry, and grade papers nap.

What’s going on over at your house?

Be blessed,




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  1. Hello!!! This weekend we are visiting our son at college. Yay!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.