Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's My Party...

(image courtesy Martha Stewart)

...and I'll give something away if I want to!
This week I'm turning 40-somethingish, and that means a present for you! I've found some neat stuff in my sporadic thrifting jaunts lately, and I want to share one with you.

(Daffodil not included).
I found this sweet cream and sugar set in a box of Pfalztgraff china I snagged at a local consignment shop. Since I adore little white pitchers and have more than one already ;-), this one could be yours.

Just leave me a comment about your favorite birthday memory between now and Friday, and I'll draw a winner this weekend.

Here's mine: when I turned 16, I did NOT want a party; I don't remember why. Maybe I thought I was too mature for celebrations--who knows?

Anyway, my family wouldn't let me get away with that, so they planned a surprise party for me. My sister convinced me to wear something besides my oldest t-shirt for supper, and out I came to a room full of my friends.

All this is fairly typical fare, except a) it happened to me, of course, which makes it special, and b) my mother's consummate ability to plan a party.

Believing that teenagers should never be left to their own devices, she wisely led the group in a host of parlor games from the 1950's. I wanted to be embarrassed, but everyone had such a blast that I (and my oh-so-mature-self) had to get over it and enjoy the party.

Being a sophomore was about as much fun as a toothache, so this memory reminds me even now that my family loved me, and in their dearest way, ushered an awkward teen into a better season of life.

Some of my not-so-great birthday memories are that it nearly always rained, and I was nearly always sick. One of those two is already in the forecast, and I am praying against the other.

Be blessed this week even if it isn't your birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Ginger!!!! I didn't know it was your birthday!

    My favorite birthday memory... I was six or seven and had just gotten out of the hospital for dehydration (hmmmm... that just happened a month ago too). It wasn't my birthday, but my parents had set up a surprise party for my Cabbage Patch Doll (Chrissy - who I LOVED MORE THAN ANYTHING). So we sang (my brothers sang reluctantly) to her and ate chocolate cake and it was such a great time.

    I know, my favorite birthday memory is about my doll's birthday. :)

    Have a good week!

  2. Sweet! Come visit my site if you would like to sign-up for an Easter Sisters Swap!

    My favorite birthday was one I spent a few years ago with my parents. We went out to eat at the New Perry Motel in Perry, Georgia. It was special and it was a sad time in my life where my parents really encouraged me.

    I am so blessed with the parents God gave me.

    Have a very happy birthday! My husband's is tomorrow. Wish things were better for us. Keep us in your prayers.

  3. So, it's your birthday this month too, huh? I had planned to bake a castle cake (like the one in my header photo) and blog all about it until I got sick (for a 2nd time since Nov) and we've had a whole bunch of stuff going on besides. What's my fave b-day memory? Those castle cakes. I had at least 2 - the one in the photo was the 1st. I was telling my mom about my plans that foiled and she told me she almost baked me one, cept she doesn't have the recipe (I do) and the cans saved up and so on. Oh well. Maybe I'll bake it anyway later this month! Thanks for your comment the other day - I have just now been able to even see the computer ... oh my gosh that was some flu! I hope never again! Still coughing weird though. I have to see what you posted the day you told me to come visit --- Happy Bday to you! Thanks, Jenn <><

  4. Happy birthday Ginger!! Aren't you sweet to think of someone else on YOUR birthday.

    I remember one birthday, when I turned 11 or 12, and I had a PJ party. My parents piled all of 6 or 7 girls into the car to go watch our local high school football game, then back home for pizza and cake. The photos still make me giggle.