Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Merry, Merry Month of May

Though for several reasons it shouldn't be, May is one of my favorite months.  
It's a month of new green, daisies in ditches, lavender sunsets, misty sunrises.
It's also a month when those things whiz by, glanced at in passing as we dash from one end-of-school responsibility to the next.  
Then one day, the calendar is empty, and the green and the daisies and the sunsets are still here,
and I breathe deeply for the first time in a long time.

In Dickens-ish terms, this school term was the best of years and the worst of years, much I would deem successful and much that I'd deem..not so much.
On the personal front, there's much I learned and much I'm still muddling (muddying?) through.

2013 is half over (!!!), and in it, I've pondered what makes a good pastor and what women's ministry looks like and how one navigates teens and mid-life and whether I really am a speaker or a blogger or a teacher.

I've chewed on 1 John and wondered if I love people, really. 

I'm still thinking and praying, but now it's from the porch 
with a view of new green and daisies and lavender.

Be blessed,

Monday, May 20, 2013

May in Memos

Attn: School Board
Re: calendar
Whoever decided to have a month of school after testing does not teach.  Just sayin'.
A Tired Teacher

Attn: Blogger
Re: Font Sizes
I can't get happy.  Every font I like is either microscopic or gigantic.  Apparently, "normal" is for people without bifocals and "large" is for kindergarteners.  Please remedy.  
A Bifocal-ed Blogger
P.S.   While you're at it, could you write a few posts for me?  Thanks.

Attn: Waistline
Re: Size
Pls. ignore dessert helpings.  Sugar needed to survive next few days.  Thks.
Distracted Dieter

Attn: Weather
Re: Rain
Go away.  Come again another day.
A Soggy  Seed Sower

Attn: Katniss the Kitten
Re: Advice
Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
The Mgt.

Attn: Slow Cooker
Re: Supper Every Night
We are BFFs.

Attn: Bloggy Friends
Re: Apology (With apologies to William Carlos Williams)
I have read your posts.
I liked them
And you probably expected me to say so.
Forgive me;
May is busy,
and my children have kidnapped the computer.

Be blessed,

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello, Monday--Single-Digit Days Edition

Hello, lovely readers!
Hello, Monday!
Finishing you puts the school countdown in the single digits.  
Even though I wasn't actually in school today, it still counts.
Hello, college visit day!  I'm overwhelmed; she's overwhelmed.  It was a lot to take in, and we're just getting started.  
Hello, soon-to-have-college-student-budget! Cha-ching,  Cha-ching.
Hello, warm weather.  With your late arrival comes full-blown allergy season.  Hello, scratchy throat and sinus headache.  
Hello, salted caramel iced coffee!  Found you at a cutie coffee shop outside of college town.  A definite reason to consider that school.  
Hello, hyperactive cat.   You just circled the living room in ten seconds flat.  My furniture might not survive your kitten-ness. 
Hello, sisters.  Shhh...I won't tell anyone that you are really good friends.
It'll be our secret.  
Be blessed,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Addition

It's a girl!
(Um...we think.  She {he? it?} is quite modest and ...hairy.)

Picture is blurry because subject is always in motion.

Katniss has lived at our house for five days now, and so far she has
-hidden in the tupperware cabinet (frantic text from DD#1: "I'VE LOST KATNISS!!!);
-discovered a hole in the bottom of the china cabinet (it's an old jelly cabinet my dad rebuilt) large enough for her to pop through; we find her perched atop the extra coffee cups;

She helped out with the paperwork....
 -used my pajama-clad thighs as pincushions;
-frantically shadow-boxed the recliner (hilarious);
-attacked my right arm every morning while I do Bible study (evil kitty);
-greeted us loquaciously each afternoon when we come home from school.  

Saving the world from polka-dotted predators
Our previous cat exuded dignity snobbery; Katniss epitomizes viciousness playfulness.  
No toes are safe.  

May no mouse be safe.

Be blessed,